Sunday, March 18, 2012

The first raw purchase

In the past, my parents were nice enough to buy several turkey necks from a local turkey farm. They only did it once and bought $20 worth, but it lasted quite a while. I gave Ferguson a neck every week or so, but beyond those occasional necks, I never gave any more raw food.

I've recently done a lot more thinking and research on raw food, or at least what goes into my dog's food and battling with finding reasonable costs. As you may know from my previous posts, Ferguson had really started to lose his luster for kibble. And can you blame him? How could you be excited for brown pebbles every day of your life? Unfortunately, paying for raw, or even dehydrated raw, is fairly expensive until you find a good source and can buy in bulk (or so it seems). I think the raw diet takes some practice when it comes to shopping.

Regardless, I figured it would be worth trying to get at least some of the benefits of raw, similar to what Jennifer feeds her hounds. I mean this in the sense of giving half a dozen or so raw meals a week, feeding a high quality kibble/wet dog food for the other meals. That way, we're in far less danger of missing any important nutrients. The key word though, is try, I think, for now.

Today I bought the dogs a special treat: a whole cut-up raw chicken. The whole thing was about 5lbs, so I put the pieces of relatively equal weight into separate zip-lock bags, about 4 total: enough for 2 meals for 2 dogs.

As I said, I think it will take some practice, and some finding of some super deals at Costco or a friendly butcher, but I'm willing to try and make it work as much as I can. We'll consider it a work in progress. Until then, meal time is getting to be Ferguson's favorite thing again :).


Sue said...

Hope the new diet goes down well.

gyeong said...

Great idea. I don't plan on fully switching over, but can definitely add raw to their current kibble/wet food diet.

Declan said...

This whole raw thing really interests my Mum. We've always thought that raw poultry is a bit of a no no, but then we don't know why! Maybe it's that whole thing about the bones splintering and in case any get left in? She says when she was a kid their dogs only ever ate raw beef. Needs looking into. She's a bit wary due to my delicate tum. Deccy x

kevinmaik said...

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houndstooth said...

We do the occasional raw treat, too. Usually, ours are raw turkey necks. The girls really love them, though!