Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Dogs In Points

Don't get me wrong, I love both of my dogs. But it is interesting to see their differences, strengths and weaknesses on a day to day basis. I thought I might put them into little categories to tallie and see what they are on format. So, off the top of my head from morning-evening:

Sleeping In:
They both get points for this and are awesome. Something I try very hard to not take for granted is how my dogs will allow me to sleep in as late as I like and are content sleeping until noon if need be.
F: 1 W: 1

While they're both *pretty* good, Ferguson I can trust whole-heartedly to do his thing without me supervising his every move. He also is not affected by things like rain and does his duty without complaint. Winry...the rain is not her friend, and she requires a closer eye.
F: 2 W: 1

Winry wins, hands down. She's an angel that will eat anything you put in a bowl in front of her, no matter the time of day! I adore her for this, when compared to Ferguson, who typically sticks his nose up at breakfast or only eats at best 2/3rds of it.
F:2 W: 2

This is somewhat unfair since Ferguson has a large time advantage on Winry, but I think Ferguson, being more natural in tune with me, will forever have an edge on figuring out what I want, especially since he cares way too much than what might be considered healthy. Winry tends to be more independent, or will shy or run away when confused (but she will come back).
F: 3 W: 2

Problem Solving:
Ferguson, I think, is like me in that we both aren't really into puzzles. He'd rather walk away from an average treat than figure out how to get it if his first few attempts fail. He is also not great at figuring things out for himself. Winry, on the other hand, is decent at using her little brain and can deduce conclusions pretty well. Example: Even after the first few days, she was able to learn by watching Ferguson go lay on a bed that that was what it took for me to put her leash on her and head out the door. Even with another dog, I'm not sure Ferguson would have come to this conclusion as quickly (he's too busy being overly focused on me and pleasing me to think of anything else).
F: 3 W:3

If that counts as a category. But, in any case, Ferguson does very well and will actually play fetch if he's not in too insane of a mood (or too lazy). Winry I don't think will ever learn, at least on her own. Admittedly, I don't care enough about it to teach her; it's enough for me for her to run and play and have a good time. We'll practice obedience on other things.
F: 4 W: 3

Leash Walking:
I'm pretty sure essentially no dog in the world can compete with Ferguson for his perfect on-leash skills. In respect to Winry, she's pretty good and is better than many of the Labradors I trained, but in new places she gets a little pully and occasionally has to remind herself that she is on a leash. This is especially true of distractions. Ferguson can barely glance at a squirrel and look the other way without much thought. Poor Winry is still heavily interested and has a hard time letting it go. She's improving, but I'm afraid she'll always be second rate when it comes to leash walking (as will pretty much every single other dog in the world!).
F: 5 W:3

Ha ha ha ha. Poor Ferguson. While he can manage now, I don't think he'll ever be first in this category.
F:5 W:4

Nail Trimming:
They both get points for this and will lay there while I do it.
F:6 W:5

Not Winry's favorite thing. She will tolerate it, but is wary and unsure. To Ferguson, it's just another way to get attention.
F: 7 W:5

Ear Cleaning:
For some reason, Ferguson is convinced I am killing him every time we've done this. He cries just when I put the nozzle into his ear, BEFORE anything comes out of it! He's a huge baby. Winry doesn't like it, but she doesn't cry, and will let me do it with little more than a smug face.
F: 7 W:6

Tooth Brushing:
Ferguson LOVES getting his teeth brushed. Winry is a normal dog and thinks it's weird (she'll still tolerate it though).
F:8 W:6

Winry thinks everyone can be her friend and wants to give everyone the time of day. She wags her tail at every dog and person she meets and is eager to say hi. Ferguson, while not afraid of strangers and doesn't mind soliciting a pet from them here and there, would really be fine if the world blew up, as long as I was still with him. So, I'd say Winry is more of the social butterfly with both dogs and people.
F:8 W:7

Riding in the car:
Poor Winry. She likes the car, but can get carsick. We can't ever let her ride on an empty stomach, and she needs a dose of benedryl before we go anywhere. Ferguson has never gotten carsick and is content to sprawl across the back (probably because I am in the car).
F:9 W:7

So, it seems the numbers are presently in Ferguson's favor...for now. I'm sure more and more categories will come up that I will think of, but it is interesting to see in text how different the pair of them are, even though I love them both :o). Don't worry, Winry. We'll find more things you're good at!


houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I can send Kuster over for a week and then we could reevaluate them! :P I gave up comparing ours long ago. They're just too individual!

Sue said...

Nice to have individual dogs.

gyeong said...

I love that each of my guys has such a distinct personality.

Chris said...

it is cool that they have their own things they are good at! and who ever would have thought that Ferg would have gotten points for his leash walking abilities? you guys have been SO good for him!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I think Winry deserves 5 extra points for food motivation. :-)