Monday, March 19, 2012

The Chicken Feeding (Ferguson)

Edited for the sake of time. I think it took him about 9 minutes to consume the wing and chicken...shoulder/half back?

I'll continue working on Winry's to post soon. I'll let you know now: their eating techniques are somewhat different! Winry's problem solving skills shine :). That's okay though. Ferguson's expressions are pretty funny while he eats ^_^.


Sue said...

I thought chicken bones splinter???

Hiking Hounds said...

Mmm, what a good meal. Mine love the chicken, but I haven't given it to them in awhile. They are jealous of Ferg.

Declan said...

The whole splinter thing is what I thought too. There are bones in there, right? Is this whole dangerous for dogs thing something that has just been drummed into us Brits?! Deccy x

Kini_pella said...

Yes, there are bones in there! If you listen, you can hear him go "crunch crunch crunch."

Not sure about Europe, but over here in the states, greyhounds are fed raw meat at the track as part of their daily diet, bones and all. They, as well as all dogs, are equipped to handle raw bacteria from meat that we are not. As for the bones splintering, this is only the case for cooked bones; you should never feed your dog cooked chicken or poultry bones. Otherwise, they snap/bend very easily as raw. As you can see, Ferguson had little trouble with it.

There are hundreds of websites and books written on the subject of raw feeding. I just finished a good book called Raw Dog Food: Make it Easy for you and your Dog that is available on the kindle. It discusses at fairly great lengthy why all the dog food companies *want* you to think raw feeding is dangerous...go figure!

Also, Jennifer of Neversaynever greyhounds has several posts about it, as well as information on her website:

It sounds crazy to most, but I am starting to feel it's crazy to feed little brown pebbles for a dog's entire life!

houndstooth said...

Bunny's already mad at me for not letting her bring that deer leg home from our hike yesterday and now you're showing videos of your pups eating raw chicken! lol As nice as it's been here, I've been meaning to get something for the pups to eat while they can enjoy it outside.