Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dangerous Game...

We've deciphered the cause of Ferguson's repeated web tears, or at least we think we have.

My co-worker, Jen, has two dogs that have been staying at Pet Dominion for a few weeks now due to her surgery she's undergone for her knee. More recently, I've been putting Ferguson next to her Corgi, Gandalf. Gandalf, as it turns out, is the instigator of games, especially since he is rather bored and not super exercised staying "in lodging" for an extended time. One of his favorite games is "peek-a-boo" with his neighbor, where he jumps up and can see the other dog next to him, and paws at them. It is believed that Ferguson has also learned this game, and has additionally attempted to see if the behavior will help him escape from his run.

^Gandalf, the friendly instigator.

With other dogs, they could do this pawing behavior all-day with no problem; the edges are pretty much smooth on the bars. Yet, MY dog, with the tissue paper skin, is not so lucky. I was pretty surprised to hear the likely cause, as I've never seen Ferguson jump in his life. But, I guess when he has even more pent-up-energy after the FIRST tear on his paw...

Oh, right. I forgot to update on here. Ferguson tore his webbing AGAIN, but a bit thicker. The hospital decided that keeping a bandage on it for a week (changing it every other day) would be better than sutures considering his new-found habit, and they are afraid he will make it worse. The good news is, they say it should be perfectly fine in just 7-10 days. The bad news is, my schedule this week is not at all conducive to an ailing, bored, unhappy dog. Tomorrow, I work an open to close, and Eric has class AND work, so he is stuck coming with me. Wednesday Eric ALSO works and has class, so he must come with me (for a half day). On Thursday, he must come with me in the morning, before being dropped off at home while I run off to go babysit until 7 pm. Friday, he must come with me yet again, because we're heading straight to Frederick after work to care for the neighbor animals, and Saturday, I again, work an open to close, and he must come with me.

Ferguson, you seriously picked the worst week to have an injury where everyone is gone for 7+ hours. I'm PRETTY SURE this is the only week of the year that is this difficult. Otherwise, he typically only has to come with me maybe twice a week, AND gets to do all the other fun things he normally does. Why, Ferguson? WHY?!

Needless to say, I cannot WAIT for this week to be over.

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Hiking Hounds said...

I'm sorry Ferg tore the webbing again. How frustrating. At least you know who/what is the culprit. Gandalf is pretty cute. :-)