Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wait...what's alone time again?

So, we have good news, and we have bad news.

The good news is, Ferguson's paw is finally healed. He is free to exercise, which we did quite a bit this afternoon before I left to go babysit for 3 hours. I think he is also happy about not having to wear a bandage anymore. Due to the crazy hectic week we had last week, Uncle Chris (Ferguson's former foster) was kind enough to care for Ferguson in his time of need while we were mostly unable to (thanks again, UC!). This week is much calmer, so we can transition back to our regular schedules.

Which is part of the bad news; Ferguson has seemingly forgotten what our regular schedule is like, and has since stated his opinion on the subject...a bit all over the room. See, Ferguson had been very good at being left, and did well during a trial run the night we got him back and left to grab food for 30 minutes. I came back to a calm dog who barked only one time while left loose in our room. This evening, I repeated the same procedure (a few yummy tasty distraction toys after a 45 minute walk in the park, his thunder shirt, some mellow music, etc). Yet, the result was not the same. I came back to a dog laying down, but laying down under our desk (?), my orchid fallen, many things off the shelves on the ground, and a very gassy-gross smelling bedroom (no stools, thank goodness). Nothing is broken or looks like he just bemused himself with examining everything he's not supposed to. Additionally, he was quite vocal and unhappy for a longer period of time before becoming "quiet."

So, the moral of the story is: 30 minutes is not 3 hours, and Ferguson will hence forth belong in his kennel to protect both our things and himself, the loose thing something he is not yet ready for (and maybe never will be, but that's okay, we love him anyway). While he's been vocal at times for being left in there, it's not been prolonged nearly ever the amount he was about being left loose tonight, so we've learned our lesson. Sorry, Ferg, buddy. Just thought you were mistake.

While I didn't see any soiling, I went ahead and washed his bed cover and blankets anyway to alter the scent, and cleaned everything up (with him locked out of the room to not watch me do it). We'll get back into our routine of daily alone time for at least 30 minutes, this time with UC's canine lullabies music (I found 5 songs on knew) that I will play, along with the thundershirt, being tired, having tasty distractions, and now, and forever more, his friend the crate <3

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sounds like a good plan. Sep anxiety can be such a pain.