Saturday, September 17, 2011

8-9 More Days...

We're trying to stay busy.

This foot thing is driving me nuts, more so than it is for Ferguson I'm afraid. True, he's the one who doesn't get to get walked or sprint. Yet, it's me who can't very well leave him, or must get very creative with kong stuffings. I feel bad for complaining about him in the recent past when it came to being alone, because now, his tolerance is much lower for it. Rightfully so, as he has a bunch of pent up energy and is booooored. He is used to being drained so he can he has all the more energy to stress and worry about where I've gone. poor puppy.

I can't be mad, but it is frustrating, having to move my schedule and entire day's plans around him or move them altogether to the end of the month. We're still practicing alone training every day, but, as I said, his tolerance is much lower. We went out to breakfast for an hour, and our roommate laughed upon us coming in saying that Ferguson was not too thrilled with our plans.

What's more is that he's started licking the area when alone, and in combination with running up the steps, has managed to pull out some of the stitches -_-. Because of the lack of blood and that most of the stitches are still in place, I chose to just clean and medicate the area with antibiotic ointment rather than run him back to the vet, as Ferg's foster informed me that it's more of a preference thing when it comes to a torn webbing on whether to get stitches or not. I'll have them look at it again this week next time I'm in and he has to come with to make sure it's not looking infected. He seems to be in no pain, at least, and is acting completely normal.

And yes, of course he gets face-jail now at night/when alone (which, I might add, makes leaving him even MORE difficult, since I can't leave him with a tasty distraction...he finds the ointment and stitches just as entertaining). URGGG.

Ferguson, PLEASE PLEASE get better soon! For both our sakes!

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Heal up, Ferg! Glad I had a helpful post. Poor Riley is back in a muzzle. I think I've given up on bandaging her. She has pressure sores on her angles and something weird up by her stifle. They really need some air, but she wants to lick, of course. :-(

Those booties you gave me a link to are interesting. Does look like a very easy was to keep a sore clean.

I had my first torn web stitched and it didn't hold... so I've never attempted it again. :-)