Saturday, May 7, 2011

Work Woes...

I'm afraid there may be a few problems at the office, which I dread because I love my receptionist job so much.

In short, a month ago, I asked off for the 20th and 21st of May from those up front at the receptionists desk. They gladly granted me my two days, and that was that. Up until this point, I have only been working one day a week in the lodging/kennel side, that being Sunday mornings. Apparently, when the kennel manager saw my schedule with that Friday and Saturday not scheduled, he decided to schedule me for these times, and failed to inform me of it. When I went back there randomly, I saw my name written there, on two extra days in addition to my Sunday (the Friday and Saturday I had asked off for). I immediately wrote him a note and said that I had asked off for those two days and was not available, and didn't think it would have impacted my kennel schedule, since I had never worked more than just Sundays before.

He responded by informing my receptionist manager that I could have off those two days, but he'd need me to work the following week on the same days that I am scheduled to work up front, in short, doing doubles for those days to "make up for it" like it was a punishment.

Um. Not so much.

My beef is that I am already working an average of 33+ hours all month, 4-5 days a week as it is with just Sundays. Already, the Practice Manager is planning on hiring 8 new employees to work in the back within the next week or so. And so, I see no reason for me to have to work any double shifts with more people coming in...if I do, I cost $4.00 more than the incoming employees per hour, and will indefinitely exceed my already borderline full-time schedule, which I KNOW the manager does not want. Furthermore, my receptionist manager is due in June and will be on maternity leave for two months. During this time, I will have to work full time to help cover her lack of being there, which has been pretty much decided upon, and would make me completely unavailable to work in the kennel at all.

Now I am just annoyed that I will have to go essentially complain to the practice manager about having to work when I don't want to, and I feel like a whiner and complainer for doing so. But, I absolutely refuse to be "punished" for doing nothing wrong, and have no intention of working an 11 hour day for unnecessary reasons.


In other happier Ferg-related news, it has been decided that Ferguson can successfully be left now when I work in the afternoons. I leave at 12:30, and my mom usually comes home between 3 and 4:30, and he is reportedly calm, content, and quiet.

Now he'll only need to go with me to work about half as much ^_^.

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Hiking Hounds said...

Hmm, I'd be mad too. I hope it works out.