Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I believe I may have a job here!

I went for my interview today, which was quite informal, but pleasant, and got the scoop on everything.  For the job, I will start part time and move to full time in the spring, when more people go out of town and more help is needed (this is TOTALLY fine with me, but we'll see what the parents say).  Also, pay *technically* starts at $10, but as the owner told me, after I take the first one or two "handler" tests, which I can do almost right away, I should be up to $12, considering my experience.  She also said there are quarterly evaluations where, regardless of your "handler level," you still get raises that are based on your work performance and reliability, so I can easily get to $15 full time in not too long :D.  Also, in a few months, the owner said she may need to hire another full-time dog walker and would consider me for the position if it came up after I'd been working part time..and they make sometimes $20 an hour :D.  I can actually make a living this way.

What is even BETTER is that my dog, the dog I am getting THIS SATURDAY, gets to come with me to work EVERY DAY!!!  So, for all that worrying about them being alone, THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE!!!! YAY!!!!! They will also be tired, and get to play with all the other dogs :)  This is SUCH a bonus, because then I can work as many hours as I want without having to worry about getting back to them! I also get discounted care should I want to go out of town for any reason!  A very, very nice set of perks in favor of the dog. 

I just hope I can stand the work.  I have a "shadowing" day on Wednesday from 1-5 (where the greyhound WILL have to be left alone, just this one time!), to see if I can do it/stand to do it, and then I'll start after that.

I also got a call back from Petvalu in Gaithersburg (better location), but only for a part time position at $8 an hour.  My interview for that is tomorrow at 1, so I figure I can at least go and make a decision later, after I shadowed at the daycare.  If anything, I could maybe work both jobs for a while, until the daycare one goes full-time...but we'll see.  It depends on a lot of things.  If the greyhound could come to the Petvalu job as well, I'd be even more inclined to consider!

I am pretty happy with the outcome, and glad I was able to find some things I like.  I do kind of wonder at this point if I'll ever end up going back to do something with English at this point...but I suppose the degree is always there...

In any case, I am content for now...let's just hope it stays that way!

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