Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Falling for the boys?

My excitement can hardly be contained!  I got a call from Greyt Expectations again, the representative saying he was recommending approval of my application that will go to the board.  Tomorrow I will hear if I'm approved or not officially, though I can't imagine I wouldn't be (but this is my first time, so hey, what do I know?). 

But!  We are heading down THIS Saturday to meet the foster dogs and NINE other dogs coming up from Florida.  Right now, there are three males in foster care that sound nice, and two more males that sound sweet, and one female (Dakota...see previous blog) that was actually on my list that is coming.  The other four females, I don't yet know of, so they will be a surprise.  Yet, I'm finding myself kind of smitten with the dogs in foster care, maybe because their descriptions are so good.  It's exciting to hear about dogs that are already crate trained, doing well with alone training, great on the leash, and currently living in harmony with small animals.  They only have one female in foster care right now, but she doesn't sound my type (very shy and not confident in herself without other dogs).  So!  The dogs I like are named: Ferguson, Superdog, Limit, Dakota, Ben, and Star.  Superdog, Star, and Ben have my favorite coloring, but Dakota is a female...yet is the oldest at 5...AH.  At this point, all I think I can do is let the dog choose me.  Heck, I might bring home one of the unknown females.  I should really stop guessing. 

Anyway, I got to do a little bit of toy shopping, and bought:

Monkey Squeaky Rope Toy (Mine is even cuter)

A Fleece Machine-Washable Rope Toy!

The monkey is REALLY cute...I just hope he doesn't get destroyed.  The fleece toys I've heard various success stories with, mainly that they are machine washable and good for teeth...but we'll see.  Both were fairly inexpensive, but what I had wanted that they didn't have was a hollow bone, sort of like the one above.  We've had them in the past for the Labradors, and I love how durable, affordable, and useful they are for stuffing...but alas, none that were big enough for greys :/.  I will keep hunting though. 

I do already have a considerable number of toys, mostly those that are super sturdy (rubber tires, bones, balls, ropes, etc.) that have survived the labs...just few fun ones, like the monkey.  I still have $18 in gift cards to buy her more, but what I'd really like is for kongs to not be $20 for a large sized one -_-.  I still have a medium one, but it's kind of old.  I know how versatile they are too...I might have to break down and get one : /.  Maybe after putting up an ad on craigslist first...ha ha ha. 

The job hunt is also going well.  I have an interview on Wednesday at 2pm at the Sterling dog daycare location, so we will hope for the best!  I would love it if I could start working in the next few weeks :). 

Soooooooo much anticipation!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Quite the screening process. We just have a committee that has authority to approve or not approve applications. It would be way too many cooks in the kitchen if our board had to vote on it.

Jenny said...

I know! I was actually a little surprised at the amount of approval that has to go around between several people. But! I got an email yesterday that said I was officially approved, so no worries there :) Hurray!