Saturday, January 8, 2011

Introducing: FERGUSON!

So, originally, I went to Great Expectations looking to adopt a female.  A little brindle one, or a white one with patches.  And somehow, I ended up with this big giant red guy.

We bought him home (and he stayed like this pretty much the entire ride)

Then he crashed (for like 4 hours) after a mile pack walk.  He didn't make a peep and slept like a rock.  Also, as far as we can tell, he was just fine while we went out to dinner for an hour or so (with lots of food and toys to keep him busy!). 
Then we let him out.  To which he paced the family room and kitchen a few times (totally supervised and occasionally corrected by me), and then went back into his crate.

...and he chewed his bone. 
He also:
1) Peed outside on a leash (reluctantly, but figured out that's what it took to get inside...and he DID have to go).
2). Skimmed through all the downstairs toys (video to come).
3). Lifted a single paw in a slight attempt to get on the couch, before he was immediately stopped, to which he responded by laying down on the carpet next to me (and he got LOTS of praise!).
4). Kissed Eric's nose.
5). Made a tiny peep when I left to go to the bathroom, to which Eric corrected right away with a, "Hey..." and that was it.
6). Ate dinner out of the toy ball we bought him, with me holding it in my lap stopping him every few seconds, since he coughs it up at first (also for some alpha training...the food is alllllll mine, buddy!).  We also practiced some downs.
7) Followed me everywhere I went, and doesn't let me or Eric out of his sight (don't worry, alone training will continue!). 
7). Passed out again, first on the bed in his kennel, and recently moved to the round bed in front of the fireplace.  He is still there. 

So even though he is giant, and red, and a boy....

I think I love this dog <3.

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Hiking Hounds said...

Congratulations! Ferguson looks like a sweetie. My first was a big red male too. I love the boys, but someday I'm sure I'll get a girl too.