Monday, January 10, 2011

Ferguson: Day 1

This dog is the definition of a latch key dog.

While I had him in the kennel yesterday (with people around, to make sure he gets used to the idea), he was only in there for MAYBE six hours for the whole day.  You see, most other dogs I get to work with do not have this kind of privilege, at least for a few days.  But Ferg?  Day one, he's confident, knows his place (doesn't take anything he shouldn't have, even though it's within reach), and spends his out time laying on the dog bed in front of the fire place or maybe chewing some toys and being silly (for all of 5 minutes).  The main reason I kept him in the kennel as long as I did was because of his bathroom habits, as he didn't poo for the first time until 5pm.  After that, he was good to go.  We're also alternating with Niles on which dog gets to be out (they haven't been out together in the house yet, though we go on walks together, and they are kenneled in the same room and just ignore each other). 

So yesterday was spent with me watching TV (I've taken up temporary residence in the family room until I have the time and energy to introduce him to the upstairs), and occasionally taking him outside in attempts to get him to pee/poo. He is completely house-trained though, and now that he has more of a routine (he pooed again this morning), he should get to be out the crate most of today :).  We will practice some more alone training though...maybe after his vet visit that I'm hoping we got for today.

On a different note, Ferguson does NOT like the cold (I mean, can you blame him? He came up from Birmingham AL!).  A large gust of wind picked up while I had him on a leash in the side yard (our fence is getting repaired this week, so these first few days are rough), and he decided to try and run away from this gust of wind because of its insane cold temperature.  Thank god I had the leash slipknotted on my wrist...I might have lost him. But even when Ferg is scared or unhappy, he is easy to calm back into sanity, like a big mellow horse.  Because it was so cold, I don't think he minded at all going back in his crate next to the warm vent ^_^. 

Anyway, today is already looking like a greyt day, and I'm pretty sure I have the best dog ever <3 Hopefully it stays that way, even after the "honeymoon."

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