Sunday, January 2, 2011

jobs and jobs and greyhounds

I woke up this morning (er...afternoon) to a call from a Greyt Expectations representative!  I was so excited, but my voice was embarrassingly cracky from just having woken, and from this random cold I've caught. Yet, we talked and I answered a few questions, most of them relating to Eric (long term boyfriend) and my parents.  Then, he said he would call my references (my neighbor, and best pal Sarah) and my vet tomorrow, and that we'd be able to come up "next Saturday" to pick out a dog!  However, I don't know if that means next Saturday, the 8th, or next Saturday, the I sent an email to hopefully clarify.


Also, today, I received two emails back from job applications I'd submitted, both from northern VA dog daycares.  Because my dad was planning on going to Leesburg anyway, he agreed to drive me down to fill out an in person application for the one place, and to stop by the other to see where it was.  The one I actually went into was quite far away, and only plans to pay me $11 per hour at most...while the other in the VERY ritzy location is looking for full time with negotiable salary.  I will hopefully go in for an interview for the ritzy place sometime this week to get an even better idea for what I'm working with, but I am quite excited.  It would only be better if the location wasn't 45 minutes away from Frederick, or basically anywhere else in Maryland : /.  But, I figure if I like it and Winry can come with me every day, then it would be worth it, at least until I find something else in May :).  I applied for three more jobs tonight alone, most of which are closer and in Maryland, so hopefully something comes up that works out well.

I'd love to actually get paid for something I love, and I'd never have to be without Winry!

Hopefully something works out.  This week is certainly an exciting one if I get both a dog and a job!

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