Saturday, April 3, 2010

The 45 mph Couch Potato

After lots of research, hearing about typical people's dog problems, working 5+ years with mostly Labradors and other high-energy dogs, I have come to a conclusion: A greyhound really sounds like the dog for me, and probably the dog that most other people looking for a dog should have.

Why? They are:
1. Low maintenance. One 30 minute walk a day is sufficient, but if you ever want to go more, that's cool too. A weekly run is also a plus, but won't be demanded for.
2. Highly socialized with other dogs, mellow, and lazy. Retired racers know nothing much outside the world besides other dogs and being handled by people. Because they are bred to be extremely docile, they suite most people's lives well. Additionally, this means they know pack leadership extremely well, and aren't ones to challenge you should you display pack leader qualities.
3. They are leash trained. No time for sniffing in-between races.
4. They are crate trained.
5. They are quiet.
6. They are not usually ones to get overly excited (big plus for me with all the goofy puppies I've worked with!)
7. They are respectful of your things, since they've never really seen them before, automatically making them more conscious of their environment.
8. They are usually adults when adopted. None of that icky puppy stuff. What you see is what you get!
9. They come in practically every color.
10. They are clean, not being big shedders, and lack that "doggie odor" so many others fail to, as much as we love them.

Yes, I know they look a little weird and are pretty tall. But, with a little bit of work (a lot less than what you have to put into most other dogs) you often end up with the perfect dog. It's rare that these guys are ever returned or have serious behavior problems.

Already, I'm sold. They seem the ideal candidate for the energy level I like, as well as calm submission that comes naturally. In adopting one, I'm hoping to get a mellow, easy-going "Daddy" of my own that helps me influence the dogs I work with to be calm, relaxed, and friendly.

Jenny's first permanent dog is sure to be of the greyhound variety :).

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