Friday, June 4, 2010

My Life's Work Needs Help...I thought it was worth a try.

President Hrabowski,
My name is Jennifer Buzby, and I have been a
proud UMBC Retriever in good standing for three
years as an English major, and am about to
enter my last semester living on campus in the
fall. I plan to return in the spring as a
graduate student in hopes of attaining my
graduate certificate in ESL education.
However, I am faced with a difficult
predicament. In 2004, I started raising
puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind as a
volunteer puppy raiser, beginning with a black
Labrador retriever named Yarmouth. I have
since produced over three working guide dogs
that are spread across the country, my life's
work growing. Since then, so many doors have
been opened to me with respect, knowledge, and
understanding for a world I've come to realize
as much larger than my own.
Unfortunately, I have received notice that as
of today, my first dog has been released from
the program and his blind partner of four years
after being diagnosed with an autoimmune
disease that will likely cause his end in just
a year's time. I have been given the
opportunity to adopt him, and would love
nothing more than to make sure his final months
are meaningful, since has given so much to his
blind person and inspired me to pursue my
degree in education. However, as I must return
to campus in the fall, I will not be able to be
with him or even adopt him, as I will be
residing in Walker avenue apartments, with
commuting from home not an option.
With all due respect, I only ask you if it may
be possible for me to have my retired guide dog
with me during his final months. As a guide,
he is perfectly trained and well-behaved; a
real certified service dog. I understand if
this decision is not under your discretion, but
am at a loss as of who I should contact
alternatively. I have always had the utmost
pride and respect for you, as well as UMBC, and
only thought I could humbly present you with my
problem, if there is anything at all you can
Any response is much appreciated, and I very
much look forward to hearing back. Thank you,
~Jennifer Buzby

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The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Im so sorry to hear about Yarmouth! Thats 2 from that litter that have major medicals (that I know of). What did they diagnose him with? Do you know whose adopting him? My thoughs are with you!