Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Carly, My Blade Partner

Pictured is Carly, a chow shepherd mix I walk for a women, Donna, who is partially blind and is unable to walk her due to other physical constraints. Carly is a young dog full of energy who I found I could never walk fast enough least until I got my roller blades! Since then, Carly has had to step up her game and is finally returned tired to Donna after an hour or so of exercise. Carly is the first dog I've ever roller bladed with, and I'm proud to say that the endeavor was successful! Carly immediately tunes in (impressive for her attention span)and is able to ignore most distractions around her to keep up! She also walks behind/next to me, working hard all the way. Go Carly, go! The video attached is of our first blade experience! Though it seems boring, I was glad the episode wasn't as eventful as it could have been....

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