Sunday, March 1, 2015

Club Pet Resort

Recently, Ferguson and Winry got to visit a new dog daycare and boarding facility.  This will be the place they stay at when we leave for the wedding and honeymoon, which will be a total of 9 days.

One of the many things that went wrong with making wedding plans is that I received a "farewell" email from The Comfy K9, the place where I'd always taken the dogs since I first moved to CO.  Because of Ferguson's sensitivity at new places, this was very upsetting to me, knowing I'd need to take him to get adjusted at least once before leaving him and expecting he might not do well at the first place we would go to.

Fortunately, when we went, things worked out for the best.  While the pricing is about the same (something high like $65 a day for both dogs), they get to participate in more activities than just three 20 minute bathroom breaks a day. We have it set up so they will get 4 hours of daycare every other day, and on the non-daycare days, will get a long leashed walk on the 2 acres of the facility's property.

Additionally, they got a free 2 hour daycare trial, and we got to watch them for a bit before we ran a few errands.  Both dogs did really well! I saw pretty much no anxiety from Ferguson, and the other dogs were all very accepting, cool and collected that made the transition very seamless.  When we returned, Ferguson was laying on his side in the middle of the floor taking a nap.  He had to be called awake to leave to go home...sounds pretty relaxed to me!

Their painless visit has made it a lot easier for me to accept leaving them for so long, and I feel confident they'll be comfortable and in good care with knowledgeable staff. We will also have access to webcams for their play times, so I can check in to see them! Even if it it's just more napping on the floor with the elderly dogs ;).  What's also convenient is this place will be within 10 minutes of hour new future house!

In any case, I'm optimistic the hounds will have an okay time while we're away. I will miss them terribly though!!!!


Sue said...

Sounds like the second best place for the hounds to be (first being home of course:))

You will be able to leave them knowing they will be very well cared for.

Hazel said...

I've never had access to a boarding facility like that! It sounds very nice and the web cam sounds good too!

You are a good planner to get that all taken care of ahead of time!