Thursday, February 12, 2015

Newly Implemented Poo Tracking

I'll admit, one of my least favorite things about living in a dog friendly apartment complex (or between three, actually), is the amount of dog waste left EVERYWHERE where there is grass.  Because it's no one's property specifically, too many tenants are careless and don't pick up after their dogs.  Obviously, this is infuriating to those of us who DO pick up after our dogs and really puts a bad name in for allowing dogs at apartment complexes in the first place.

I also worry extensively about parasites, especially considering the number of times both Ferg and Win got sick in 2014 from parasite related issues.  As result, even after multiple carpet shampoos, I'm quite sure that the complex will need to have our carpet completely replaced after we move out in the fall.

Obviously winter has been better, as the cold weather likely kills off any residual parasites, and the dogs have been consistently well. But judging from our apartment complex's new policy, I'm thinking we weren't the only ones having parasite troubles.

As of this month, our complex has began working with Poo Prints.  This is a DNA identifying service that can trace any waste back to an identified dog, and as of yesterday, all dogs living in the apartment complex have been required to submit to DNA extraction via their saliva (Ferg and Win especially enjoyed this, as milkbones were involved).  While I realize this will only help somewhat (unless all three apartment complexes are contributing), I am optimistic that it may help cut down on transferable parasites, even just a little bit, at least where the dogs are most often walked for bathroom breaks.  I've heard they implemented a similar program in England, and as result, dog waste is nearly a non-issue over there, at least in London!

Here's hoping they convince the other complexes to contribute as well, and our walks can be poo free for a change!


Sue said...

I live in england, but haven't heard about this.

It is law here to pick up unless you are registered blind, on private land where the owner has given you permission not to pick or you are on your own land.

I am very hot on picking up, as I am one of the unlucky ones who lost an eye as a child due to Toxocariasis, which can be found in dog poop. My parents were told that a sandpit that doesn't have a cover can have poop in it, which of course the adult would get out, but left behind there could be the Toxocariasis.

I hope the DNA tracks down the culpit/s, but sadly what will probably happen is the dog will be got rid of. it's not the dogs fault, but the human.

Hazel said...

I have not lived in an apartment complex while owning a pet, but I can imagine that the situation would be very frustrating. I am wondering about the cost of this poo printing adding to the rental costs!

Please keep us updated.

Kini_pella said...

I'm interested to know what the complex has to pay up front for that too, and what they'll do about the existing seems like it would need to be removed first before starting a new program to notice what's new and what's not! Unfortunately, there is A LOT of existing poo...

As for dogs being removed, I think that would only be up to the owner. The penalty for finding poo is a $60 fee per instance. I'm hoping the average dog owner would just start to get their act together, rather than getting rid of their pet!

gyeong said...

What a concept. Hoping you get to have a non-poo-infested walk soon.

David James said...

Great! Keep it up.......