Sunday, September 22, 2013

Glendale Trail

Ferg and Win had a fairly eventful weekend.  First, on Friday night, they had a raw meal of chicken wings and legs, along with their first taste of sardines!  Winry was especially a fan:

This was my first time ever opening a can of sardines as well.  I imagined there would be several whole little fish in the tin, but I found there to just be three headless little fish.  When I tried to gently remove them, it ended up looking like this:


So far we've had firm, solid stools with no issues (I was a little nervous with trying the fish, but no problems!).  I also got a lead about a butcher about 30 minutes from us that has sold dog-quality meats, whole and ground, for less than $1.50 per pound...that would be great! For now, we have almost no room in the freezer and will need to work on that, but I'm hoping this will be useful in the future.  Rumor has it that they also accept hunter's kills, so regularly have elk, rabbit, and deer available. I look forward to checking it out!

Their fun weekend continued when we visited the Glendale Trail in Lone Tree CO.  I might have mentioned my book, "Canine Colorado," and this is the first trail we've tried out of it, mostly because this one was 15 minutes away and had a good rating.  The "hike" was a pretty one that went up some hills and had a good view.  It was only a 1.6 mile loop, but for Winry and her partially torn ACL (which has healed, but we were told to not stress the remaining portion) it sounded like a good compromise and not too hard on her.

The view from the top
Adventure Winry!
The trail also has a 17 acre fenced dog park next to the start of the trail loop.  Unfortunately, after the walk that was rather hot, they were more enthusiastic about finding shade than running or playing with other dogs (though they did exchange a few friendly greetings, and Ferguson did a short game of chase after a tennis ball).

Can you spot the greyhounds?
It was a fun time overall though.  I look forward to the cooler fall temperatures coming up in the next few weeks and hope that will help their stamina.  As much as I dislike the cold, I imagine they'll enjoy winter frolicking and hiking as well, so long as they have their winter coats!

A panoramic view at the top
I look forward to trying out many more of the hikes nearby; Colorado is such a gorgeous state and is chuck full of these types of places.  Next week we're already planning a hiking trip, so more pictures to come!


Sue said...

Looks like a fab place to hike.

gyeong said...

I like sardines for myself. Yum. Bet the pups really enjoyed the view.