Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Proud Canine Good Citizen!!!

After much delay and FINALLY getting a time together with an evaluator, Ferguson was able to take his CGC test...and PASS IT :D.

While we look sloppy at many parts of the test, it was a good start, I think, and apparently made the cut. Below are some clips from the test...I'll see if I can get them all on here, and in order (no promises though).

Okay, considering that took more than 90 minutes to edit and upload on here, I think I'll do the remaining ones another time. So, stay tuned!

In other brief news, Ferguson had quite the tummy upset today :(. My mom took him out at lunch time for a quick walk, and found that he'd actually soiled himself a bit...when I got home, I let him out into the yard to set off a bomb of explosive bodily contents from both ends :(. Needless to say, off we went to the vet/aka, work. An few injections of pepcid and anti-nauseous medicine and metronidazole later, he seems to be feeling better.

Let's hope tomorrow is a better-feeling day...


Hiking Hounds said...

Oh no, for some reason I missed this post. Congratulations!! That is so cool. You two look great, and very cute together. Still love Ferg's sit. :-)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Woo Hoo!!!