Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ferguson!

Watch Ferguson get his birthday present here:

Or, alternatively, here:

Hopefully one of those works.

Anyway, my boy is four years old today! In celebration, he ate breakfast out of his purple egg toy with a few extra snacks, and we went for an hour long walk, partially down a trail he'd never been before. He also ran a few laps around the yard with his tire toy, and is currently hanging out on his bed, chewing away on his antler. Unfortunately, the day is a bit cloudy and rainy, but I'm glad we got to do all these things before it started raining.

Alas though, I'm going to be a terrible mom and leave him for a bit. My friends recently moved to a new house, and since I'm off as requested, I was going to go help them move in/visit/play games/eat sonic. My dad is home sick again today though, so he won't be left alone. Plus, I think it's just going to rain for the rest of the day anyway :/.

To make up for it though, we're going to the annual picnic tomorrow! Ferguson will run and play most of the day with all his greyhound friends, like a giant birthday party :). Pictures DEFINITELY to come.

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Hiking Hounds said...

Happy Birthday Ferg!! Looks like the antler was a winner.