Friday, April 8, 2011

He throws it himself.

 One of the most endearing things about Ferguson is how he plays.  He will occasionally play with other dogs, mainly just our neighbor, Katrina, but maintains an older gentlemen attitude when at work when there are many dogs around.  However, at home, he plays with great joy on his own, amusing himself with his own tricks.  I managed to capture him throwing up his toy and catching it himself in the video below, but he actually does it ALL the time, sometimes very high and long range!  I think he might like working with a Frisbee, but we'll wait until his leg completely heals first.

Hopefully he does well being at home for two hours this afternoon, since he's been in daycare the past three days and has been exercised and has long lasting frozen kongs and bones.  We'll assume the other day was a minor setback. *ahem.*

Only 6 more days until his sutures are removed!  (And yes, he was given the okay for increased exercise such as the video shows.  He was checked yesterday, and everything looks perfect, healing wise ^_^). 

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