Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mail Stuff

Yesterday, my checks (yes, my first checks ever) arrived in the mail.  Because they were my first ones, I decided to go all out and get cute greyhound ones advocating greyhound rescue ^_^  And how did I use my first check, you may ask?

(specifically formatted for security purposes)
It got sent out today, so hopefully we get our fancy certificate in the mail within a few weeks :).  Then Ferguson shall officially be my dog, never to be raced, bred, or used for sport again (because I was so worried).  In any case, we'll have to get it framed, along with my degree that came in the mail that I still have yet to look at. 

What's funny is that my college still thinks I'm there, apparently.  Yesterday we got an envelope trying to get my parents to buy care packages for me during my "exam week." *rolls eyes*

In other news, Ferguson's raincoat came in the mail very recently too!  The coat is quite cute, and the day it came was super rainy, so we got to use it right away.  His face still gets wet, with that long nose and all, but the rest of him stayed much dryer, so hopefully he appreciates it.  He really didn't want to pose for me to take a picture, but there is one:

To redeem him, I'll include a much cuter picture of him below.  One thing I have learned about greyhounds is how funny their ears are.  Most of the time, Ferguson's lay back at rest, but when he hears something, they perk forward, and then sometimes....

...They go whichever way they feel like!  I think they're adorable ^_^

Anyway, we'd better get up and going.  I have my first kennel shift today, and because it's Saturday, Ferguson is going to stay home with my parents, especially since it's just a 4 hour shift.  Before I go, we're going to go to the giant fenced in baseball field again to let Ferguson run to be super mellow the rest of the day.  This time I will TRY to remember my camera.

Happy Saturday!!!

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