Sunday, March 6, 2011

Improvement and Hope

I am not the best blogger, as things have been looking up for a little while now, but my readers, the few that I have, are still lead to believe my life is still in crisis.

While the end of Yarmouth and Chessie is still quite sad (there shall be a Yarmouth memorial post soon), my job prospects didn't stay down for long.

About three hours after I applied to a dog daycare/veterinary facility in Rockville, MD, I got a call back and interview time for Monday (tomorrow) at 11:30...AND Ferguson is allowed to come along with me for it. The job I think is just part time "with more hours picking up in the summer" and has a starting pay of $9, "but will compensate more for experience."  Rockville, for those of you who don't know, is about half the distance from driving to Sterling, VA, about 30 minutes from my current residence, and 30 minutes from where we are hoping to move to this least not including traffic.  Anyway, I am really hoping the interview goes well and that I like the job at least as much as the other one.

The place looks quite nice and has just about everything.

In other news, Ferguson got to run (yes RUN) yesterday.  We discovered a fenced-in baseball field that is probably at least an acre.  There were a two spots in the fence that were a little iffy, but my mom and I split up and "guarded" them to make sure he stayed safe.  While he ran all of three minutes, chasing a tennis ball, he was dead tired, and I think still tired today, or at least a little sore.  We did warm him up by walking him all on the perimeter of the fence first, and cooled him down by walking around on leash afterwards.  He seemed to have a great time...I'm hoping we can now take him once a week, and that his endurance improves over time.

I, of course, was a bad mom, and failed to take pictures. AGAIN.

In the meantime, today's icky rainy day made it quite obvious that Ferguson would appreciate a raincoat with a snood.  For now, he has a thick winter coat with fleece lining and the sweater that I knit him...neither of which are really water resistant or appropriate, as it tends to get fairly warm when it rains.  So, today will be spent shopping.  Hopefully we can find a coat that benefits GEGR in some way.

I don't know if I dig the fishy...and it looks a bit tight...Hmmm...
Anyway, happy Sunday to everyone!!!  And keep those greyhounds dry!!!

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ProgidyChild said...

Looks like a really nice place (better than the other one, dare I say...) :)