Thursday, February 10, 2011

I MUST love him...

Day one of our three day vacation :).  And I've already started it by shopping.  This morning, I've bought Ferguson:

A Bully Stick
A "Hard Boiled Softy" (soft outside, hard rubber inside)
A "Cool-it Bandana" (for our future summer excursions)
And three large compressed rawhides
I also purchased a special calming spray that can be sprayed on soft surfaces.  The spray contains a special hormone that is released in dogs during early experiences with their mother, and supposedly helps soothe and relieve anxiety by making the dog feel "a general sense of well-being."  Honestly, I'm not usually a fan of using drugs, even natural ones on dogs, but this one sounds promising, and should help Ferguson totally complete his alone training, as well as be helpful with visits to other places.  I, by no means, intend on using the spray forever; just to help condition his mind to go into the right state after just a few uses, or when we go to unfamiliar places (such as hotels) if he appears to be anxious. 

But speaking of Ferguson's alone training...he's doing great :).  Ferguson still LOVES his fabric crate.  It's his favorite place, and he has no complaints about being in there for hours while someone is home.  This is progress though, as he used to complain when people were out of sight, which is no longer a concern.  The room he is in is quiet and excluded, which is a big step, in my opinion, for him to accept happily.  However, I haven't left him in it very long when someone is not home, because I want to always catch him before he gets anxious.  We are, of course, still practice me putting on my coat and going outside, but I want to make sure he is totally comfortable with every step.  It's a process, but one that is working well.  Hopefully this spray I ordered helps too, but I don't plan on relying on it.  We'll keep on trucking, Ferg! 

Hopefully he likes his new toys...there goes another three hours of me