Monday, February 7, 2011

Ferguson's Past Life

I found these few videos of Ferguson's winning races.  He was actually quite good, though not as good as his siblings.  I'm not really expressing an opinion about racing here...just enjoying seeing my boy in his past life!  Here he goes:


Hiking Hounds said...

How cool that you found the videos. What number is he? I thought maybe he was 1 or 4. The dogs love to run that's for sure. I just wish that it wasn't a big business with all the bad stuff.

Jenny said...

Yeah, he's number 1 in the first one, and number 4 in the second one :). I feel that way too...the dogs do love to run, but there are just so many dogs and so much breeding and too much money made :/. If it was on a much smaller scale, I'd probably not mind it as much.

Caron said...

Wow, he won both races then. Very cool! Enjoy the vacation.