Sunday, January 23, 2011

"This one? How about this one? It looks nice and warm..."

A funny quirk that Ferguson does while we're on walks and he's either tired of walking or very cold:

Ferg:  "I'm cold/tired/hungry.  Let's go inside." (starts to walk up driveway).
Me: "No, Ferg. We don't live there."
Ferg: "Oh."  (a few houses later) "Jenny, I'm cold/tired/hungry.  Let's go inside." (starts to walk up another random driveway).
Me: "No, Ferg.  We don't live their either.  We're half a mile from home."
Ferg: "Oh.  Well, it still looks nice and cozy.  Let's go inside anyway!"
Me: "That's not the way it works, buddy."
Ferg: "Well why not? I don't see anyone there....and look!  There's a dog crossing sign out front! Or how about this has blue shutters.  Blue is your favorite color, right?"
Me: "Oh Ferguson...."
Ferg: "Or maybe we could just...what do you call it...'visit' for a little while so I can score some tummy rubs and get all warm, and maybe take a nap..."

Eventually, he gives up after about three to four tries, but I still find it amusing.

Silly boy.

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