Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy days don't equal Snow Days

We woke up to another two inches of snow this morning, with it still falling.  Unfortunately, it's likely much worse up here in Frederick than it is down where I work in Sterling, VA.  Looking at the map, they are mostly just getting rain at this point.  But, me being so new and not knowing any co-workers to call besides the boss, I can't very well get anyone to cover for me.  So I will just have to drag myself down there...I guess.  On the bright side, most places only got delays, so it should clear up by the time I'm supposed to arrive.  I hope.  : /

Today is my second day of solid three days of working.  Yesterday went okay, for both Ferguson and me.  He was in the daycare pen from 11-2, when I removed him for when they merge the dog pens.  Then he was in a kennel from 2-6 or so.  This way though, he can give his joints a rest and lay on a bed I bring for him.  I think it will be a regular thing.

On Saturday though, I work my first morning shift (5:30-noon) but I'm actually quite excited for it, and wonder if I like it, if I can keep it.  I figure that this way, the time of my day would feel far less eaten up, and the type of work I'll have to do will be quite different than the closing shift I've been doing (11:30-7:30).  Yes, it's true I'll have to wake up at 3:45am to get there by 5:30, but traffic should be a breeze, and Ferguson wouldn't have to be removed from the pen, because we'll leave before they merge it.  So, we shall see on Saturday.

My mother just informed me that a huge snow storm is happening tonight, and we're supposed to get 8+ inches.  I'd better get some phone numbers for tomorrow...


Lauren said...

5:30-noon are fabulous work hours!...You have the whole afternoon free :-)

Better get your shovel ready, LOL :-D

Jenny said...

I thought so too, but I'll know for sure after I do the shift tomorrow :). It seems like I'll have more of a life this way, rather than getting up, working, coming home, and going right to bed! Hurray for daylight!!!