Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ferguson's First Day at Daycare :)

Today went much better.

Ferguson actually got to go into the daycare!  He did absolutely perfectly…and the best part?  There was even another greyhound there for him to hang out with!  The other grey’s name was Maverick, and when they met, it was totally adorable:

Ferg: “Hi….Hi…K…yeah…Hi….WHA…WHAT?!  OH MY GOSH!  YOU LOOK LIKE MEEEEE!!!!”

Both dogs got really happy and wiggly for about 5 seconds and wagged their tails while they sniffed each other…and then they relaxed and stopped caring.  LOL.  I really wish I could have gotten a picture :(

 Ferguson was totally perfect behavior wise, even amongst total chaos in the pen.  He stayed extremely calm, wasn’t stressed, and avoided all scuffles, since they are fairly frequent amongst the active dogs.  He even cuddled with a Weimaraner and German Shepherd and napped.  It was so cute ^_^.  He also wasn’t overly clingy to me, even though I was coming in and out here and there all over the place.  He also really liked my co-worker/supervisor, Nicole, and would wag his tail every time she pet him.  The only thing I wished I could have done for him would be for him to have something comfy to lay on, but he looked okay, at least while he laid on his side.  I do think he appreciated his comfy bed once he was home though.  

The way home was probably more stressful than anything else; about half way there, the dog barrier in the back fell in, I think because Ferg was leaning against it, and made it pop out.  Poor Ferg jumped, but dealt with it astoundingly well.  He moved so the barrier fell flat where he’d been laying, and then he climbed over the opening (which first made me very nervous, especially while driving at 55mph) but then simply laid down in the backseat like he knew exactly what to do, and like he’d been doing it his whole life.  I couldn’t help but laugh at his cleverness ^_^.  

My day overall was that much better knowing that Ferguson was okay and in good company so I didn’t have to worry about him potentially stressing to death in a kennel.  It also went by pretty fast, as usual, as there is always stuff to do.  

I think I’ll be able to keep this up pretty well, if all days are like today was :)

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ProgidyChild said...

I'm glad Ferg is doing so well! He sounds better and better every day :)

(Looking back, that makes it sound like he's recovering from a sickness or something =/ )