Friday, January 21, 2011

Cry Ferguson Lives Up To His Name...

Oh Ferg.

He was great in the kennels at work, surrounded by other dogs and noise and bustle.  But still, not so much at home.  Today, Eric and I went to breakfast, and thinking it might help, I left his muzzle on him while we left, still with the TV on, and still with Niles in sight (though I didn't move him right next to him, as I perhaps should have...this will be the next try).  Sadly, we still returned to a barking, crying, unhappy greyhound.  Ferguson also is always panting when we he really that stressed?

Will this phase itself out in time?  I'm starting to worry a little.

If it isn't better by spring, I may consider buying a no-bark citronella spray collar (I don't like the shock ones).

Eric also suggested having someone else kennel him, since it's me he's mostly glued to.  But this doesn't help all that much, because he STILL has to learn to be on his own.

I guess we'll just keep practicing.  Come on, Ferg!  You can do it!!!


Hiking Hounds said...

Sorry to hear Ferg is having a hard with the staying home in the crate. I know that's not fun. My boys never really like staying in the crates and can get very upset about it. Once they were mostly potty trained I left them in the house and they did/do fine. At first I just made sure to not leave paper things, they love to shred paper, or anything else I wouldn't want "played" with. :-)

Jenny said...

That is a possibility...I don't know if he'd do better or worse with the crate or not. However, for right now, it's not really negotiable. It's a skill I'd like him to grasp, but we'll wait and see.