Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Last night (or rather, very early this morning), I had another dream about my potential Winry.  I think it's funny how my brain attempts to imagine her...and even more funny that it can't really make up its mind.  This Winry was a brindle, looking a lot like this.  In the past, she's been black and then white with grey markings on just her head.  This Winry (the brindle) had more of a distinct personality though.  She was very big, but unsure, yet still very sweet and attached quickly to me.


I'm excited to know what the real Winry will be.

Also, for those of you who don't know "Winry" or the origin of the name, it comes from an awesome female character in the show, "Full Metal Alchemist."  See above.

It wasn't my original choice of name, but rather one that my long term boyfriend picked out.  It grew on me, but maybe if the dog comes with that awesome of a name, I will keep it.  From what I've heard though, this is probably not too likely.

We shall wait and see!

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Sue said...

Hope you get Winry soon, as your home is better than the kennels.