Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Waiting...and walking...and watching.

I've arrived back at school, but the prospect of a greyhound hasn't left my mind, and continues to give me something to look forward to when I sadly have to move out of my beloved apartment. I still like the name Winry.

I start to wonder though...will she be all I hope she'll be? And is it asking too much? I currently follow Never Say Never Greyhounds where I read about Jennifer's greyhounds as they compete in agility and obedience training, all of them looking wonderful, but all of it sounding so challenging. Yes, I want a greyhound for the sake of their low maintenance reputation, but I also want to be able to take the dog anywhere with me without too much bother (that is, friend's houses, downtown, to the vet, to dog parks, etc). I am, of course, willing to work with and socialize the dog to make this more likely, but what if they are, for example, terrified of cars? Or too food motivated and cause conflict? They are, as I am humbly (and unnecessarily) reminded by a rescue group, not Labradors, but when Cesar Millan says, "A dog is a dog is a dog," how much of that is true? Will my natural affinity with dogs shine through to her and leave me nothing to worry about?

Regardless, that is more than enough philosophical questioning for one day. I really have been spending too much time with my dear Hamlet in Wittenberg.

In any case, preparations are still being made. My mother just called from Aldi, where a special is being had on extra large dog beds for $15. She asked if I wanted dark blue or maroon (I actually went for the red, believe it or not!). I've also been knitting away on my greyhound striped sweater, hoping to god it turns out all right. It should look something like this, though brown with shaded stripes:

Again, something I really won't know until she's here (late December, early January, fyi. Mark your calenders ;)). My parents have additionally decided that the greyhound shall be my graduation present, so I will be free of adoption fees and the first vet check up and Lyme vaccine. Yay :).

In the meantime, I continue to walk Carly and her new sibling, Shadow, three times a week, with occasional visits to the dog park. Carly has been increasingly great on walks, but Shadow, with limited experience in the world, tends to be jumpy and unpredictable. I do think he'd be a lot worse if Carly wasn't always next to him, calm and sure of herself (and me). Luckily, he can usually calm down about half way through, and has learned to trust my judgment rather than use his own. This is especially the case when we walk near other (rude) dogs. I have successfully been able to have both he and Carly sit, while the tiny (rude) dogs bark incessantly at us. I haven't, however, been able to stand it long enough for the tiny (rude) dogs to stop barking up a storm, so usually leave after about 5 minutes. But the fact that Shadow and Carly can stay there, calmly gazing at the surroundings, says a lot, and I am proud :).

I really do need to take more pictures, but I'm hoping to refrag my computer in the very near future, so it may be a while. As the title entails, waiting will again be the key.

I really do love school it December yet?

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

No such thing as too food motivated! :-) You can overcome lots of things with food. Good luck finding the right greyhound for you. I've had 10 greyhounds. Reagan is the only one I've had so many issues with. They all have their quirks, but the rest hae traveled fine and been able to go all over the place.