Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still Waiting...but info on Flea/Tick and Heart-worm

My giant greyhound-sized kennel came today, and is laying awkwardly (and largely) in the living room alongside the wall. I'm super excited to have it, but...what do I do with it until December? I wish I could set it up :( But that would be kind of pointless...

Here (see below) I found a greyhound from the rescue I'm hoping to adopt from...and she sounds perfect! Hopefully there is a similar girl (colors and all!) for me when I'm ready! See her description here: at

I also cleaned out the corner with the boxes upon boxes of random dog stuff and got it happily organized (mostly). I was disappointed I didn't find more potential used toys...but I will hopefully have enough : /. My parents also need to stop buying tiny kongs for their dog, Niles (see photograph), as I found three new ones in the pile of random dog stuff.

In other news, I spent a portion of today researching flea/tick medications and heart-worm preventatives. I have learned that:
-Biospot has the same main ingredients as K9 Advantix (and is less than half the price)
-Ivenguard (sp?) is the generic brand of Heartguard (and is also less than half the price).

This means that I will be paying less than $100 for both flea/tick and heart-worm medications, thanks to !!! I highly recommend it for others looking to save money! And here I thought it was just scam all this time (well, let's check back in a few months after I've actually used the service).

Other than researching, today has been mostly a laid back day (as much as it can be with Freesia). I think it helped that I walked her and let her run this morning though. She was far more mellow on our before-dinner walk, which was much appreciated (Thanks Freesia!). I only hope that tomorrow follows suit. Maybe I'll even get more dog stuff in the mail :D.

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