Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So Far So Good!

I'm pleased to report that Ferg and Win continue to settle in very well!  They've enjoyed getting to burn off any extra energy frolicking in the yard, have gotten to chew some natural bones (not previously possible in our apartment), and are over all adapting quickly!

I've worked hard to keep our routine very much the same.  We still go for a mile long power walk in the morning before breakfast, and before I go off to work, and they are still muzzled when unsupervised.  The house has made us make some adjustments as well; initially we weren't sure on whether to give them full run of the house or not (which admittedly, it's not a huge house!) during the night or when we're away, but have currently settled on having them confined downstairs during the day while we're gone (kitchen, dining room, family's all one large room), and have let them have free access at night, also being able to access the loft and two bed choices up there if they wish.  Surprisingly, Ferguson actually chose to stay downstairs last night (not sure he realized the gate at t he top of the stairs had been moved, but he didn't really bother to look or try). Winry has so far ALWAYS been glad to stay downstairs, as her favorite bed currently resides easy pup!

It's actually very lucky Ferguson chose to stay downstairs, as his stomach got quite upset in the middle of the night and caused him to vomit twice at 4 am.  I've noticed that he's been able to handle raw meat not nearly as well as he did when he was younger, so am not sure if that set him off.  He also has been eating a lot of grass lately, as we've been in the process of trying to mow down some higher, stubborn spots on the lawn's edge that the dogs are like magnets too.  Winry, happily, has had no issues at all the last few times they've had anything raw, which is funny since she's usually my sensitive stomach pup!

Ferguson did eat his half-portion breakfast this morning, and had formed stools, so I think he'll be bounced back in no time.  Arik reports he's not gotten sick and seemed fine the rest of this morning too.

That's a bit of a dilemma, as both LOVE raw meat/bones, and the marrow bones we got them were very affordable ($1 a bone, about) and entertained them for a total of 2 hours.  I know it also does miracles for their teeth as raw items tend to, so perhaps we'll just continue giving them as a monthly or bi-monthly treat, and only on weekends so I can catch up on my sleep schedule or take an afternoon nap during the day to make up for any late-night awakenings. And perhaps his stomach will re-adapt to the raw...he used to do wonderfully on it!  Maybe it was too much grass, or a combination of the two. Who knows?

More updates to come!


Sue said...

So glad you and your pups are settling in well. The digestive problems could just be them getting use to the new place. Hope all are ok soon.

Sue, Polly & Honey

genji said...

I should probably get some bones for the pups to help with their teeth. We've had a bout of a few boarders feeling the need to yack up grass balls in the house.