Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Visit to the House

I'll admit I was a bit nervous to bring Ferg and Win to the house for the first time.  I wanted to be sure they didn't feel any anxiety and that they generally had a good experience over all from the get-go.

To prepare, I packed up their ex-pen and had set it up in the family room with blankets before their arrival.  I also had ordered Ferguson a pheromone soothing collar for him to wear over the next month (supposedly it lasts 30 days) as we continue these adjustments.

Fortunately, everything went quite well!  Both dogs seemed very happy about the space, enjoyed exploring, but didn't seem at all insecure. They were all smiles, but still listened very well when corrected (like to not go into the master bedroom).  While we were unpacking things in the master, they actually chose to go lay down in the guest bedroom across the hall on the floor, seeming to be totally content :).

They both seemed to really be happy about the yard space!  The grass is in desperate need of mowing, but they had a great time frolicking around and sniffing. They kept coming back to me with a happy look on their faces, as if to say, "This is great Mom! We love our yard!"

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera at the ready for every picture, but I did catch one of Ferguson being used as a butt pillow. He has a miserable look on his face, but I can promise he was actually quite happy and laid there pleasantly as we unpacked many, many boxes.

"We're good here, Mom! You just keep unpacking all our stuff!"

More pictures to come soon!


Sue said...

So glad the move went well. They both look fine.

Hope you are looking forward to the weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

genji said...

It must feel like home already to them. Looking forward to more pictures. Once you get the yard mowed :)