Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ready to Leave

Even though I searched hard to find a good place and went through the trouble of having both Ferg and Win get to visit for daycare before leaving them, I still hate leaving them and worry that they'll be okay.  9 days is the longest I've left them before, though I know dogs don't have a terribly good sense of time.

In attempts to soothe my worries, I've gone out of the way to purchase products to help keep their bowels regular and normal, as well as their joints lubricated and teeth clean.  So, when making their meal bags, I've included one Zuke's Hip Action dog treats in each, a emptied capsule of probiotic, and am then sending along 4 cans of pumpkin (instructing them to give 2 spoon fulls to each dog with their meals in the evenings, followed by a bag of CET Chews to be given at "lunch" each day.

What's also difficult is trying to not seem at all nervous around the dogs so they don't think anything is up. Tomorrow when we bring them, they should be heading right into daycare as they did before, which should make for an easier transition. They can get tired out there and be ready for a nap when they're moved to their run, (which will be equipped with their own beds, by the way).

I'm sure I'll make a few check-in calls to see how they are, and I will try to catch them on the webcam during their daycare time as much as possible.

Honestly, leaving them might be the hardest part of the entire wedding for me!


Hazel said...

I agree with you about the uncomfortable feelings of leaving them ! I think it's very endearing that you went to all this trouble. I also like the webcam idea!
Let us know how it went later, okay?

Sue said...

I'm sure they will look after them well, but it's nice you can check in and see what they are doing.

Just think of the welcome home you will get. Sue, Polly & Honey

gyeong said...

Yes, by day 3, we just want to be back home with the kids, no matter how much fun we are having on vacation. Luckily, we have a few people who will stay at our house and watch the pups. So they barely notice we're gone :)