Thursday, January 22, 2015

An Overdue Update

Snuggling on a cold winter's day.
While it was probably assumed, Ferguson and Winry have both continued to be well and have gotten over any stomach issues they'd had in the past.  I think a large part of this might be because of winter's cold temperatures, killing off any parasites that had been residing in the grounds of our apartment complex that seemed to be taking turns infecting them...Urg, I really can't wait to move.

Things have been exciting for us lately, as, in addition to finishing up wedding planning (two more months!), we've been trying to work out attaining a house, or rather, a lot for a house by a building company in North East Denver. Because the homes are about 9 months out at this point, the prices are quite reasonable for the area, so we're doing our best to get in.  We've been pre-approved for a loan, and are waiting to hear back from the builder's representative.  It was recently said that they plan on selecting buyers on a lottery system.  They have 10 lots to "release" and have 25 or so qualified individuals using their preferred lenders (which does include us). Our chances are decent, but it's difficult since it's obviously not certain yet.  Fingers crossed for that.

In all this hullabaloo, work has been very slow recently that has given me a fair amount of free time. I'd taken up researching breeds again for our future dog, and the celebrity I've been learning about this week has been the smooth collie!

I admittedly never gave collies much thought, as I'd only known of the "rough" collies that resemble Lassie, or the insanely genius, but also hard to live with, border collies. But upon learning that there is a smooth variety of the even-tempered, mellow-indoors, child-adoring working dog companion, I've been spending a lot of time reading about them and get ever more pleased the more I learn.

I do still like the doberman breed, but after getting into all this home-ownership stuff, the state of Colorado tacks on an additional charge each month for a homeowner with a doberman -_-. Additionally, many hotels across the state disallow them, and with as much as we like to travel a few times a year to hike with the dogs, this is a big con.  And, while I think a doberman would tolerate children perhaps better than the greyhounds might, there is hardly a better breed to have around young children than a nurturing, loving collie who instinctively protects them and enjoys their company as a true companion and playmate.

And who knows? Maybe a collie's nurturing nature can help snap Ferguson out of his once-in-a-while bouts of anxiety ;-).

"Very funny, Mom." 
In any case, a third dog will still not be added until we move into a house with a yard, hoping that happens within the next year or so. The meantime is quite busy with other major life on-goings for us, but at least Ferg and Win have been a steady constant.

Our friends were kind enough to purchase us another annual state park membership for Christmas! This means more park visits, once the snow stops creating so much mud, are in the future.

Only three more months until spring!


Sue said...

Glad Winry and Ferguson are doing ok.

Hope you get the house.

Is there a reason why you aren't considering another Greyhound?

Well you take care. Sue, Polly & Honey

Hazel said...

You mentioned that greyhounds are not good with children, but I always get greyhounds that are preselected to be good with children, so you might want to consider that possibility!

Kini_pella said...

Ha ha, aww. I knew all my fellow greyhound lovers would wonder why the third dog wouldn't be a greyhound!

In general, I think greyhounds are more tolerant and agreeable than other breeds, but mine at least tend to not like loud noises, have their personal space invaded, and one has that "surprise" sleep aggression reaction. They also tend to act fairly dignified, and don't like hugs, rough housing, or be pestered. This leads me to think they would prefer an adult-only house hold, though their docile nature probably makes them suitable for homes with children on paper. I don't hold any of these things against my greyhounds though, as there are so many wonderful things about them! I love their low maintenance, love of sleep, watching them run, their single layer coats, and their careless nature when it comes to guests coming over to not be a pain, to name a few!

But when looking for a dog that will be best for our future lifestyle, I think a kid loving dog that engages them in play and "watches over" them might be more preferable, as opposed to a tolerant, quiet dog that will stay out of the way and pose them no threat. I've also mentioned that I really want to get back into competitive training, perhaps trying out obedience, agility and fly ball. SOME greyhounds, like Jennifer Bachelor's, are indeed capable. But most retired racers (including mine) are not by choice and would rather sleep, not seeing these as "fun" activities (I've tried) since they were not bred to obey commands, not being working dogs. They were bred to run super fast at things in sight to catch them...and I'm totally okay with who they are!

Again, I'll always love my hounds and think they were terrific for the stage of my life I'd gotten them at. And I do plan on always having at least one, even with kids, since they are (usually) so easy and agreeable. But while they snooze on their fluffy beds, their new "little brother" can entertain the furless kids, play fetch, learn tricks, and keep strangers at bay! ;).

gyeong said...

Paws crossed you win the house lottery. Glad your pups are doing fine.