Friday, July 18, 2014


"They're going to fix my leaky bum!"

Poor Winry.  Starting Wednesday afternoon, she's had a very sudden bout of AWFUL Diarrhea. We're talking basically just straight liquid coming out her behind with no substance whatsoever, and unfortunately, some amount of blood.  We immediately stopped her food and then tried a bland diet of some white rice in hopes that would improve her, but to no avail.  She had 3 accidents in the apartment within a 24 hour period, prompting me to leave work early on Thursday to get her in to the vet.  She seemed very happy to go, as seen above!

She's been put on metronidazole, as I anticipated, and after feeling her stomach, the vet thought it unlike that she ingested a foreign body.  She also fortunately said she seemed decently hydrated, which is obviously a concern with her symptoms and the amount of liquid that's pouring out of her.

Yesterday evening after we came back, I had to take her out literally 5 times for her to have more bouts of small liquid puddles...just awful.  She did eat about a cup of white rice and a few bits of plain chicken, as well as a well hidden tablet in peanut butter.  This morning she readily took some chicken bits and then her pill (so we're up to two doses now!) before having some more rice, though I'll admit, she seemed bored of it and didn't finish it least that's what I'm hoping, and that not her stomach was upset.  When Arik took her out, she said her poo was "somewhat solid, not like pee, and still had some blood in it," but I'm hoping that it's somewhat of an improvement, and that the second dose of the medication is able to get her to hold it this afternoon...poor thing. And our poor recently cleaned carpets.

At least this item was a very, very good investment, and we've been able to relatively quickly and easily shampoo the carpets, despite one or two faint, pesky stains that we'll continue to work on.  Having blood in her...excrement (I don't know that it can be called "stool") is really testing the capabilities of this machine. In any case, it's been extremely helpful, if anyone is looking for a carpet cleaner!

Fingers crossed that her tummy troubles subside soon.  It came on so quickly and was so atypical for her, I'll be relieved if the metronidazole takes it out quickly and we have no more messes in the house!  Hang in there, Win!


Sue said...

Ace which is for clothes is fab at getting blood out. You would have to test a spot to make sure it doesn't bleach your carpet, but if it doesn't a little drop will foam when it contacts with blood. then you can clean it up and then use your carpet cleaner.

Hope your girl will be fine soon.

Teh Megan said...

When any of our beasts get the "butt pee" we immediately administer some Imodium/other anti-diarrhea meds. This was very helpful when Meri broke into some ibuprofen and had "butt pee" for 3 days. I needed sleep that 3rd night so we gave her "butt plug" pills.

Feel better Winny!
-Phil's Mom

houndstooth said...

Sometimes adding in so probiotics really helps to settle things down.

Hazel said...

Poor you!, all of you! It's really rough that you couldn't take off of work the entire time, and that the carpet got messed up! I've been there and the stress is very worrisome for all. Hope the whole thing is settled soon.

(By the way, don't forget to go under the carpet to the pad or the stain will keep returning)

Mad Red Hare said...

We've been battling the same problem here with my foster Clareese. Hope things are better soon!

gyeong said...

Poor Winry. Hope it's a long gone memory by now. I just steam cleaned too, so I'm just asking for something like this to happen