Thursday, May 8, 2014

Plans for Next Dog

So, while it likely won't be anytime TOO soon, DBF and I have already started discussing adopting a third dog once we move into a house, currently projected for the next 9-12 months (we are both tired of paying rent money to nothing and have been saving our behinds off in preparation).  A lot of other life changes will likely happen in the next year or so as well, but this is a dog blog, after all ^^.

Most fellow greyhound lovers will obviously wonder first why I am not actually considering adopting a third hound.  Let me state early on that I do ADORE my hounds.  They are (for the most part) easy, docile, healthy, and mellow.  I love watching them run, but I also appreciate how much they enjoy downtime.  They really are greyt dogs, and I expect I will always have at least one around...and why not? They tend to be so low maintenance, and they give so much back for having been rescued.

My Two Loves
With that being said though, the greyhound has some natural tendencies that make me miss having working dogs (remember, I worked with adolescent Labradors for 4 years).  In particular is their non-working dog mentality; I miss having a dog who has the thought process and pure joy of following through with commands, isn't nearly as fragile with acquiring cuts and scrapes, and would actually get enjoyment out of being around children.  I do understand, of course, that some greyhounds do meet some of these wishes (check out Jennifer Bachelor's blog here to see what I mean), but for the most part, the greyhound is a sensitive breed not bred to follow extensive commands, is prone to scrapes and injuries, and at least mine, even with bomb proof "Yeah, I'm alright with kids" Ferguson, might *tolerate* children and be gentle with them, appear to be more catlike and will keep to themselves when children are around.  My hounds are great, but being around them makes me feel like they would in general prefer an all-adult home where they can rest easily undisturbed.

For the future dog, I'm looking for a "good with everything" mutt, in short.  My criteria is as follows:

-Must be happily crate trained/content when left alone.
-Must be very dog savvy/well socialized with other dogs (obviously, if they're to live with my pair!).
-Medium to low energy
-Walks well on leash
-Accepts nail trims and all other grooming with ease
-Tested/known to be very good with children of all ages
-Good house manners
-Responsive to commands

I'd also like to get back into training, perhaps in competitions.  While Ferguson will do anything I ask to the best of his ability, practicing behaviors and obedience has never come especially naturally to him (he tends to just try to be compliant, but would usually just rather go lay down than practice commands, if given the choice, even if treats or toys are involved and I do the best I can to make it fun).  I'll admit, I'd also like a dog who doesn't need a fluffy bed to lay on every time we go out, need coats in the winter, and be able to sit at the drop of a hat without thinking on how to contort their body to comply.

Breeds I think I'd most want a mix of would be a Doberman-Lab cross; I like the calmer, sensitive and obedient nature of the doberman, but appreciate the resilience and less serious nature of the Labrador.  Fortunately, looking at makes me feel more than confident that we can find a good fit of companion that both me and the hounds will enjoy :).  Not to mention, I think having more dogs around will make Ferguson happier/less likely to feel lonely. Hopefully a little brother or sister dog will come along in another year or so :).


Sue said...

Please get your dog from a rescue place. Too many are pts because people are getting dogs elsewhere.

I hope when the time is right you get the dog you want.

Hazel said...

Good planning is going on at your home!