Thursday, September 5, 2013

Raw Success!

I am excited at the results of our last raw feeding experiment; it thankfully went very well!  This time, I specifically picked out what they call, Colorado Proud food items, meaning they are locally raised/grown food products, and are generally healthier and greener for the environment.  The chicken, for instance, had no preservatives, hormones, dyes, or additives and was fed an all vegetarian diet, etc. etc.  Their logo is well recognized here in the state:

For our trial, I chose chicken wings, which turned out to work fantastically for my current arrangement of attempted raw feeding.  Each piece is small enough that they can grab them piece by piece, but still have bone to crunch and chew all on their own while being leashed next to me.  This is preferred to them needing me to hold a large chicken quarter or thigh for them while they tear off bits, or to them dropping large chunks and needing me to mop the entire kitchen floor when finished.  The wings they could eat one by one and stay over the bowl, making it a cleaner and faster arrangement.  I think they appreciated this as well, since it was considerably less work on their part.

The after-results have been successful!  No stomach upset to speak of, and both had very firm, normal stools afterwards.  Tomorrow's dish, I'll be serving more CO Proud brand chicken thighs, two per hound, though I doubt these will be as convenient as the wings.  Unfortunately, wings are a more expensive cut of chicken (no idea why), so I'll need to keep my eyes open for sales. Maybe next time, I'll even remember to take some photos!

Happy Friday-eve!

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houndstooth said...

I'm glad it all turned out so well! :)