Sunday, March 10, 2013

Being adorable during the snow day.

Little has changed for Ferg and Win when it comes to Colorado living, except for the weather.  Lately, it's been rather cold, snowy, and icy; a greyhound's least favorite weather if they have to be in it for more than five minutes and aren't off leash in a yard to frolic. So, alternatively, they spend a lot more time looking like they do in the above picture.

On Friday though, I got a surprise day off (not necessarily a good thing, but this is their blog, not mine), and we spent the afternoon walking in downtown Denver.  They caught quite a bit of attention from everyone walking by, as two large hounds in coats apparently look like a spectacle. Hours of walking and getting attention from dozens of people also sent them into a similarly-looking state as the photograph above.

Denver continues to be awesome though. Here is a photo I took of when we stopped to eat a snack.  Though they're not pictured, both are standing next to me, Ferguson with his head in my lap and Winry with her head on Ferguson's back (when I tried to take a picture of them, they immediately moved, of course. So you'll have to just take my word for it).

Downtown Denver at the 16th Street Mall!

I'm sure activities and photos will increase as the weather warms and we get out and do more things.  So, excuse the short update, but we are still here and we are still doing well!!!


Sue said...

So cute that they lay together.

We have a wind chill of -7 this morning and it keeps snowing. What we had int he night has frozen and it is lethal out. Sunny inbetween the snow showers.

Looking forward to hearing more of your walks out and seeing mor photos.

Take care.

gyeong said...

Two head are better than one. Every extra hound seems to garner more attention logarithmically. Even more so if they are wearing coats or boots.