Monday, February 13, 2012

Success, and hopefully more...

Winry: "Who, me?"

The benefit of Winry has become quite apparent now with Ferguson.

Winry: "I like my brother! He has a comfy butt for a pillow!"

Now, after a year of many ups and downs, we are at a point of having a good grasp on Ferguson's separation anxiety. We have learned quite a lot and even learn new things every day about him and how it works. Most recently: a) his anxiety is directed at ME, so other people can leave him and it's no big deal as long as he has Winry (good news for Eric though!) b) he must physically see me leave the house to be satisfied that I am gone. c) a schedule is's not cool when you up and leave off schedule.

But with all these things understood, it makes managing it a lot easier. I go to work every day, and because he expects it, he's able to suck it up and take it. We were even able to go out for dinner the other night with friends and our roommate said he only whined once and then settled (which was pretty darn awesome, since I was expecting the worst!).

Ferguson continues to be on fluoxetine, but because I feel that it is still helping him, I'd like to go a few more months with it, especially when I am potentially going to undergo some transitions in the near future on the job front. Nothing is set in stone, but if things work out the way I hope, Ferguson may need to adjust to a new work schedule. We'll keep our fingers (and paws) crossed and hope things work out. For now though, he is reliably left a few hours every day when Eric goes to class, and doesn't make a peep or do anything except stare when I leave for work every day.


Otherwise, besides me working all the time, things have been very good. Winry continues to be awesome and adorable. Everyone she meets loves her, and she seems to love everyone too. Ferguson still likes her too; several times I've caught him corn-cobbing her with his teeth, and she regularly gives him kisses, especially after he gets peanut butter or his teeth brushed. They are quite a pair, and oh so cute. I think we're all better off with Winry around.


Hiking Hounds said...

I'm so glad Ferguson has made progress, that is really great. I love Winry's pjs, she looks super cute in her bed.

Declan said...

Oh thats great news. I'd love a sister too! Deccy x

Sue said...

Good news.

Love the photos.

gyeong said...

Glad Ferguson has made progress. I love it when they snuggle head to butt.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Winry is so cute, how could anyone or any dog not love her! It's wonderful that she has improved Ferguson's life and consequently your life:)

Shari said...

Thank you for your blog. I only adopted my greyhound a month ago. Learning a lot about the breed. I, too, am dealing with separation anxiety that is worse when I leave than when my husband does. He sometimes brings her out to the driveway to watch me drive off. This seems to help. If he doesn't do this she whines and paces for 30 minutes before she can relax, even with him and other dogs nearby. Anyway... Thank you for your blog.