Monday, February 27, 2012

The Lull of the Shore...

So, while nothing is set in stone yet, my family has recently made an offer on a beach property in New Jersey. While the rest of Jersey I essentially detest, the beach's the beach! The seller has accepted their offer, but due to various other complications, we're still waiting to hear back with the final word.

They've been looking for years, but not until recently have I really grasped the awesomeness that it would be to have free access to a beach home year round. If you remember, Ferguson, Eric and I were lucky enough to visit Dewey Beach for Greyhounds Reach the Beach:

It was a lot of fun, but both of us felt like it'd be more fun if we were there for a few days as opposed to one afternoon. So, perhaps this year will be filled with fun beach fun with the puppies!

Unfortunately, I've spent a lot of today finding fun beach ideas, toys, and accessories, as well as doing things like looking up local dog daycares for day trips. Some of my favorites:

^Hey, they'll need new collars to wear the beach house's address and licenses on it!

I'm also loving the extent of dog-friendly activities there are. One of my favorite things to do is go whale and dolphin watching, and there's a boat that allows friendly dogs aboard for no extra charge. Did I mention they also have season passes available? Not to mention the large number of outdoor eating areas...

Man. I'm already excited for this summer, and it's not even March...