Saturday, January 7, 2012

That's a little more like it...

We had a practice alone training session this morning, where I just up and left with no triggers. I think the results were pretty promising! Of course, hounds would be muzzled if left for more than a few minutes. I was very pleased that Ferguson did not pant, and was able to stop staring at the door in an attempt to get Winry to play (even if it was unsuccessful), and went to chewing his bone on his bed. Had I not come back, I think they would have settled just fine.

Next to Winry, who, I promise you, does NOT have any separation issues at all, Ferguson's interest in the door looks almost normal :).

I'm thinking this might be more of the way to go; I leave practically every day for work with them being left out, so we'll just add muzzles to the equation and hope for the best with gradual time increase. This video did make me feel a good deal better though :-). Winry's presence really does seem to make a difference.

Ferg is still on fluoxetine: 20mg daily.


houndstooth said...

I think Winry's been good for Ferg! I've been lucky in that SA isn't something we've had a big problem with. Having several friends around seems to do wonders for that issue for most of them, though!

Hiking Hounds said...

That looked great. They are cute together. It looks like they could really get going with the play. :-)

Sue said...

Whilst they both realised you'd left, they didn't seem bothered. My Song hates being left, although she is improving.

Kini_pella said...

Thanks guys :). I think she helps too! I will have to be sure to keep those nails nice and dull though, the way Ferguson likes to play. My only concern might be that they knock something over while rubbing their muzzles on it...*rolls eyes*

We'll keep practicing, but as I said, Ferguson being relaxed enough to want to be playful is something he never could do before! I just love how a bystander could probably watch this video and not be able to tell which dog has SA!

Chris said...

Ferg has improved so much first with Newton's help and now Winry's!! She seems like perfect therapy for him. I love how she follows him EVERYWHERE. "Where ya goin' big brother? Oh, it's time to stretch? Ok!"
Looks like the beginnings of a very long friendship between them :o)