Monday, November 21, 2011

Got a pal? Life is good.

^How they look most of the time.

This week has been so exceptionally crazy with work (seven days in a row with no breaks), that I've not even had an opportunity to detail more of Ferguson's progress in alone training since foster brother Newton arrived.

As I expected, as long as there is another pup, Ferg has been a-ok. What has also helped is that my schedule, as much as it sucked this week, was more more regular for him and there is a more rigid routine to follow. That means that while he was left more, it has been more clear to him what to expect, which I do think was a fairly significant contributing factor to his issues.

With the other pup around, even if they don't regularly interact (I mean, come on, they're greyhounds), I find myself enjoying Ferguson more. This is simply because he is the pup that I adore ALL the time and doesn't turn into a sack of pathetic mush at the thought of me leaving (which was at least once a day and would stress me out as hard as I tried to be completely neutral about it). He is steady, mellow, playful, easy-going and confident; everything I wanted in a hound, he demonstrates now (with the exception of being small, but this is something not able to be overcome). And so, I think the second dog around may be a permanent thing.

Additionally, I've brought Ferguson back down to 20mg of Fluoxetine, and perhaps by New Years, will wean him off completely, seeing as his anxiety is not really existent anymore (though, he still dislikes being confined to a crate when we are left, so the pups stay loose in the bedroom with muzzles).

As for Newton, while he is doing well, I think I might have mentioned that we will not be failing this go-around of fostering. He will make someone a greyt dog, but is probably not the perfect match for us in what I look for in my own personal preference of a hound. Newton has some alphaish tendencies in him that don't come out in snarky ways, but I find a bit annoying: must be first to do EVERYTHING even when I make him wait, is not much of a crowd follower/naturally obedient, and thinks it is up to him to keep tabs on everything and be in everyone's business. This especially drives me nuts in the car. He rides okay, but I was waiting in the car with the pups one evening and he simply could NOT settle. He felt like we were sitting ducks and needed to keep tabs on ALL that was going around us and was getting frustrated at the number of windows to look out of. This was in contrast to Ferguson, who was laying with his paws crossed and head down; I love how Ferguson has 100% trust in me that I am in control of the situation and has nothing to worry about. While Newton might possibly learn this over time, it is simply not natural for him. In any case, Newton is otherwise a pretty typical hound who is not lacking confidence/basic manners, so I'm sure he will make someone very happy. It is my hope that Newton gets adopted at the next adoption event in December :). Once he is, we'll probably get another foster, and then another, unless that special someone comes along...;).

Anything to make Ferguson happy <3


Nibs said...

Ooooh, someone special! I hope they come along soon, Ferg sounds like he likes the company! He sounds like he's come on a long way, I hope he keeps getting better and more confident :) Life is good for me, My sister Ambam is my pal ^.^ I love snuggling with her, we sleep curled up together and investigate things together and run run run together! I really hope you find the right forever brother or sister for Ferg xxx

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm glad that Newton is calming Ferg down in your absences. That's the nice thing about fostering... you can find the right one. Test drive them a little. :-)

houndstooth said...

We wish Newton lots of good luck and hope that Ferg meets that special someone soon!

Declan said...

I wish I could have a friend. KC hardly counts! Hope Newton finds his forever home soon. Deccy x