Monday, October 10, 2011

Money Not Blown

I did not spend as much as I could have in merchandise, which is good, considering I had to pay for a tank of gas, food, and Ferg's licence before anything else. So, my spending was limited to:

^This cute shirt that Eric liked (he said it made sense, since I own a "golden" grey)


^Some really adorable stationary cards that reminded me of Ferguson.

All in all, I think if I were to go again next year, I'd definitely go ahead and arrange to stay for the whole weekend. Because of the lack of structured events, it was mostly just a collective place to veg with your hound on the beach while also doing a bit of shopping. It was lovely getting to see so many hounds though...I think Ferguson thought so too :). I regret not taking more pictures of them, but I thought it would be awkward for me to randomly photograph stranger's dogs.

Since we've been back, Ferguson is surprisingly alert; he seeems to have enjoyed the excitement and activity of Dewey to where he acts bored and a little restless at home. *rolls eyes* We just got back from an hour long walk along the paint branch trail again though, so perhaps that will take the edge off. He'll also be coming to work with me for the next four days. Hopefully he likes Svara as much as he likes Lily, as she will be his daycare buddy for the week, with the exception of Thursday.

^She is also pretty cute, and around the same size/demeanor as Lily.

Ohh Ferguson <3

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