Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Stuff

Ferguson and I went to Greyt Expectation's Fun Run in Herndon VA, and he looked greyt! We got there a bit late so only had time for the last run, but BOY did he like it! He took it so seriously; someone was standing at the other side of the indoor field squeaking a squawker, and though the other three dogs he was with went in the complete opposite direction, he saw, focused, and RAN, all on his own at top speed! He made me so proud :). I think he would make a very good lure courser...

Unfortunately, while I was attempting to take pictures my camera decided its battery was low and turned off before I could do anything (of course, once I get home, it's working 100% fine. Urg. Technology.). So, I will attempt to make up for the complete lack of photos with a few cute ones I got off my camera I took a while ago during Ferg's recovery time for his paws. Enjoy:

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Declan said...

He certainly looks comfortable there. Hehe! Deccy x