Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Stuffings

^Ferguson, looking awesome in his new "work" collar. We went with the Starburst Blue :).

Things have been going well since our move, though we're doing some remedial work on Ferguson's alone training...basically the only issue I've had with him ever. There was one time when I left him to run to the grocery store with a friend. I left him with a natural smoked bone with jerky still on it that he LOVED and couldn't get enough of. When I came back 30 minutes later, he was still going at it, and didn't even want to leave his crate (of course, I take away the distraction toy regardless, so he learns that being alone is awesome, because you get extra super special toys). However, since then, the bone is no longer cool/stinky/new. So, we're back to kong/bone stuffing recipes to make him forget that I'm gone, or at least lessen the blow of my absence.

Today we went to the Rockville Petco, where I dropped yet another $20 on fun stuff for him. One neat thing I did get though, for only $4, was this "Mega last" whatever rubber bone. What I liked about it though, is the deep ridges it has that look PERFECT for stuffing and freezing. See below:

Additionally, I can put two different stuffings on half, so I can see what he likes best. Above, you see canned dog food of the Nutro chicken variety (no wheat or corn)and vanilla yogurt from my own stash of Greek deliciousness(man, you're lucky I love you, buddy). There is also his kong in the freezer with more canned food with peanut butter and a few tiny cookie bits embedded for additional flavor/challenge.

Up to this point, Ferguson is not known for having a very delicate tummy, so I hope he'll do okay with a few spoonfuls of the canned food. We'll also have to get more pumpkin, though he only likes that prior to freezing *rolls eyes*. ANYWAY, here goes our attempt at resembling the interest he once had for that natural bone (which, by the way, we can also stuff).

Some super awesome stuffed toys + 30 minutes of walking + DAP diffuser/spray hopefully equals a more conquered separation-loathing Ferguson. Luckily, with his new arrangement, he'll never be alone more than three hours.

*I will note though, that he now only barks about 10 times over the course of a few hours. This is SO MUCH improved over the first few months, we he'd cry constantly. For now, I'm just trying to take the edge off his stress panting and shifting it to actual sleep.

Ohh Ferguson.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Neato new stuff toy! I have not seen the Mega Stuff yet. I must get one. Let us know how it works out after a few uses. Is he able to clean out pretty well? Is it easy to clean? Did it last for a period of time?

Kini_pella said...

Believe it or not, it was in the $1-$5 rack...perhaps they're phasing them out? In any case, it worked well to stuff it, and did seem to last him a long time; we came back after 45 minutes, and he seemed to still be working on it. The frozen canned food especially seemed deeply lodged and harder to get at, but the yogurt seemed a little easier and more appeasing to him. I'll admit, he didn't actually lick it clean...I simply put it back in the freezer (urg, I know...I should really wash it), but it seems dishwasher safe...I'll let you know more about the cleaning of it once I know!

Beware though, I don't know how well it would stand up to chewing, as my guy isn't much of a chewer on rubber! I hope YOU can find one in the sale rack!