Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some things I think I'll Never Understand

Why on earth does he insist on sleeping outside of the cup-bed?! (Sucky quality kudos to my laptop's webcam).

Ferguson continues to baffle me with adorableness. Here, we walked to Brusters (about a mile away). While we sat down on the curb and ate ice cream, Ferguson decided that the concrete wasn't so bad, and that he'd happily lay on it...provided he could use Eric's lap as a pillow. Next time, for his sake, I think we'll bring a travel bed for him.

Speaking of travel, that's something I hope Ferguson will get to do more of in the future...however, it's unfortunately a matter of improving his separation. Depending on the day and time of day still really dictates how well he does; it may not be until we get another dog that he is able to really get it down, I'm afraid, but it is managable now, at least.

While Eric and I were on vacation, I kept seeing dogs everywhere, and really missed Ferguson.

^This guy in particular though, really had me missing my Godiva.

Mostly because of the water scene, and because of the connection the dog had with its owner. Ferguson is wonderful, of course, but in his own way. I have thought more about Godiva lately too, I think, because I've not heard from her blind person, Bill, in a while. Last I heard, both he and his wife's health had not been the best. I am sincere in that I want Bill to have Godiva as long as he is able, but should anything happen to change those circumstances...well...I'd drive to pick her up immediately with a moment's notice. I'm hoping that all is okay, but I'll admit that these circumstances are part of the reason why I am indefinitely holding off on getting a second dog.

To have Godiva back one day would be a dream come true...for both Ferguson and me <3


Hiking Hounds said...

Mine do the same thing in the bed, it's so weird. Right now Zephyr is laying on the not so soft rug and has his head on the cushy bed.

Chris said...

yeah, that's totally a greyhound thing. Bogey is crashed out on his cushy bed with his head hanging off. He even does that on people beds- head hangs down over the edge...