Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ferguson's Visit at Uncle Chris's

Last week, I was able to (thankfully) get some vacation time in to the Outer Banks with the boyfriend and his family. For a whole week, it was all beach, sun, and relaxing...something I very much needed. However, where we were staying did not allow dogs; though, even if it did, it would have been admittedly difficult had Ferguson, or any dog, been there too. So, while we were gone for the week, Ferguson stayed at his former foster's, otherwise known as Uncle Chris's! He gave me a hard time about leaving him, trying his best to convince me he would spend the whole time moping and missing me...I guess he'd be embarrassed to see videos like this one Chris took and sent ;).

I was happy to hear that Ferguson was a perfect gentlemen during his stay. I'd like to say he's glad to be home, but has spent most of his time sleeping. I think his muscles are a bit sore from all that running...he continues to seem a bit out of it. Still, he is back to being my shadow whenever I should leave the room ^_^.

Things on the training front are looking bright. I'm now able to provide testing and classes at work, and have at least 3 people interested in starting CGC courses in September :). Ferguson, of course, will be the demo dog.

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Hiking Hounds said...

That's a great video. Ferg was so cute and spunky. :-)