Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pumpkin: A Gift From the Gods

(A happy, content greyhound who doesn't notice I'm gone)

The stuff has me fascinated.  After being left in the freezer for a day over night, Ferguson did our usual "practicing being alone" exercise (we're up to 15 minutes now!!!).  When I returned after 15 minutes, even driving around the block, he was still going at it, which really surprised me.  Normally, he finishes kongs with peanut butter or cheese after a few minutes and is often just sitting there until I get back.  This one, however, blew even me away.  When I took it back (as I always do when I return...kongs are only enjoyed when I'm not there to give him something novel to look forward to), it was STILL frozen and more than halfway full!  At the touch, it was like an Italian ice dessert...not at all sticky or pliable.  Does it always do that, or did I just get some mutant pumpkin? 

In any case, I LOVE it.  I was having a hard time creating kongs that last a long time, and I'm SO happy to have found the answer in a healthier snack than peanut butter, cream cheese, or cheese wiz.  Ferguson seems to like it too!  I just hope he doesn't get tired of it.  Perhaps we can try mixing in some honey too...the kong recipes will have to continue development, but for now, it is pure bliss <3

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

You can mix dry dog food, an egg, cottage cheese, or yogurt into the canned pumpkin to give it some interesting flavor. Happy stuffing! Love the happy greyhound picture! :-)